Me and My Ride

A Division of NHEWS Photography

Photography is our specialty, and we know there's nothing like a picture of you and your bike. We concentrate on Iron Mountain Road during Sturgis in early August, using the pigtail bridges and the scenery of the Black Hills as our setting for action motorcycle photography.

75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

With the potential to be the largest bike rally of all time, you can bet Me and My Ride will be there to capture all the fun! This year's rally is August 3rd through 9th.

Our Signature Montage

Our 10x13 montages include your bike, the aerial shot of the pigtails, Mt Rushmore, a view of Crazy Horse, the needles, and Sylvan Lake. Order yours now for a real memory of Iron Mountain Road!

Ask about our Signature Montages!